Summer Practicing

Hooray for Summer! Who doesn’t love a change of pace, the warm summer sun, lemonade, swimming pools, ice cream and vacations?

With all the fun and extra events that summer brings, how do you stay motivated to practice during the summer? Commit to keep playing, especially if you are not taking lessons during the summer.

Sight read anything. Pull out old books you’ve previously gone through, flip randomly to a page and see what you can still play.

Go to and try the Tune of the Day. They have an audio recording along with it.

Summer can be a great time to strengthen your scales and put them to memory.

Play popular music or folk tunes. All local music stores always have popular music or Broadway or Disney music favorites or Irish tunes or folk songs for flute. Try a new one each day as you continue to work on proper breaths, accurate tonguing, solid tone and vibrato.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to practice, at the very least, listen to exceptional flute players. Maybe that will motivate you to practice.

In any case, enjoy summer and keep music a part of it in some way.

What’s Your Song?

“In Summer…” Ahhhh, Summer.  It brings thoughts of watermelon, swimming pools, ice cream and fun.  While each season encompases beauty and brings its own enjoyment, I have to admit that I love summer!! Being born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I love the sun and the heat.  Even though I moved away years ago, the summer heat brings back pleasant, carefree, childhood memories.

“The song sings itself.”  People sing.  Birds sing.  Flutes sing.  What song?  What is it singing?  What songs do you hear?  Famous French flutist, Marcel Moyse, once said that the flute is an extension of the voice.  If so, what song does your flute have to sing this summer?  

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