Parental Support

How can parents support their child as a young musician? There are many different ways you can offer support. Here are a few ideas.

First of all, the younger the child, the more support they’ll need from a parent. If they don’t read yet, your child will definitely need you to guide them through which pages they should be practicing and how many times they should play each piece that day or how long they need to practice. Read them what the teacher wrote in their book. Sit by their side. Help them practice flashcards. Let them know that you are there to support them.

As they get older, you can gauge how much to step back and let them do the practicing on their own. There is no magic age for this.

Each child is different in their development and personality.

Show interest in what they are learning. If you don’t attend the lesson with your child, ask them what they learned that day and demonstrate that to you. Look them in the eye while they are talking to you.

Provide opportunities for your child to share their talents. My dad used to always ask me to play for people who would come to visit.  I hated it! I’m sure I rolled my

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