Have Instrument. Will Travel.

Yesterday we played for a funeral for a close family member. They just held a graveside service and naturally, there was not an organ or a piano at the cemetery. It was wonderful to easily transport our instruments (flutes, guitar, and cello) so we could provide some music.

For occasions such as this, you usually don’t get a lot of advanced notice before needing to perform. That’s when it’s a blessing to be experienced enough as a musician to able to have a rehearsal one night and perform the next day.

Why do we study, practice, and learn music? To just play for ourselves or to share that talent with others? Even though music is extremely rewarding individually…

I was taught that music is a gift to bless other people’s lives.

I’ve tried to pass this philosophy on to my children and to my students. Playing music with my daughters yesterday brought peace to not just me but also to everyone else there.

If you are a musician, please travel and always be willing to share your gift with others wherever you go.