Stability in Chaos

So many things that used to be routine are now chaotic and unpredictable because of Covid-19.  Fortunately, there are some things that remain constant and provide anchors of stability in my life amid the uncertainty that surrounds me.  I like this picture because it embodies two of those anchors: roses and music.  

I love roses and I can always count on their glorious blooms erupting each spring and replacing the brown and white of the winter months.  Colors of yellow, coral, red, white, peach, and various shades of pink fill my flower beds each year. When I see my roses, it makes me smile and reminds me that there is always hope for new beginnings.  Smelling the fresh scent of roses with a slow, deep breath, relaxes me and clears my mind.  No pandemic can rob me of this.

Music is another constant in my life and offers stability.  Even though flute lessons have moved online, our symphony season was abruptly cut short, flute festival protocols have changed, and I’ve been thrust into the world of Zoom(R) recitals, I can still enjoy making music in the comfort and safety of my home.  Just as roses come in a palette of colors, music creates colors of sound and offers a way to express a variety of emotions.  And, like roses, music makes me smile, relaxes me and clears my mind.  

Be creative.  Look around you.  Adapt.  Find your anchor of stability amid the chaos.

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